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New Mexico Real Estate Group is an exceptional agency assisting wonderful people. Want proof? Read what these transplanted Houstonians have to say about us…

Dear Ann,
You went far beyond the call of duty to make our land-buying experience not only less traumatic, but actually enjoyable. We are just as excited now about our prospects of living in Abiquiu as we were the day we first saw the land. Thanks again. -Karen L and Alex W Houston TX

Count on our local knowledge. You’ve entered the Land of Enchantment. Life here is like nowhere else on earth. We can fill you in on everything from our local customs, best places to hike, little known treasures and village church services, to who roasts the hottest chiles and where to

Expect the unexpected. Assume it all works backward from what you are used to. For example, sellers usually, but not always, pay for the survey. Buyers usually, but not always, pay for title insurance. If you knock gently on your banker’s office window after hours he may re-open the bank for you. Much respected brujos (elder wisemen) may look like spunky Granpas driving Gremlins. And there is a lot more where this comes from… of course!

Say what you need. If there is any way in which we can enhance your experience of working with New Mexico Real Estate Group please let us know.